Mommy Break- Why it is important

Hello moms out there I'm writing this post as most of you know I have taken a break from working in the real estate world to focus on my family. I set out to start my own business- real estate brokerage company 7 years ago while having babies - I know - not so smart.......and boy it has been crazy.......running here and there, taking calls while screaming babies are in the back ground, running to show a house after school gets out, barely getting a decent meal on the table, and sadly taking the STRESS out on "the family" my crew- my supporters the most!

Having been raised by a single mom she taught me to be a work horse, because she too had to help provide for her family, it was really all I knew in life. My mom hardly got to make it to my school programs or field trips, sometimes even late picking me up. Later in life it has given me a great work ethic background. Obviously women's careers have changed for the better that they allow more flexibility for working moms. This is such a great thing, because we all battle mommy guilt.

However, I woke up one day to realize, GIVE YOURSELF A MOMMY BREAK- and I don't mean a massage, pedicure or botox ( although those are definitely a quick fix). I decided I was going to do the stay home mommy thing while I possibly could- meaning before my kids grow up and are in school all day. Life is short and I realized I needed it more for ME. To be 100% present in their life and all the funny stages it brings ( It's not always rainbows and butterflies). I also wanted to give that to my children because I never had that. What we forget in life is that it is a LUXURY to stay home. Think of all the women in the world that don't have that option, that are not as fortunate. I knew I only had this small amount of time to be with them and cuddle, and chat with, and let them see the world with a mom who was in their shadow daily. Wow! now I sound like a helicopter mom. LOL.....which I'm not by the way, but I am an emotional mom. I remember my kids first school program I went to 6 years ago, my daughter was in and a friend turned to me and said "Are you crying?"- I laughed while crying and said "Yes-, what the heck is wrong with me." It's because I was able to be there, and inside I was emotional for my own mom that never had that luxury- entirely.

Now that this chapter is ending for me, and my kids are not needing me as much, I want to tell young moms out there. It's ok to take a break, life will pick back up, opportunities will still be there but your memories will not. Cut out some of your daily expenses to make it happen. Take a second to slow down, life moves too fast these days. Now my kids are more excited to see the IPAD than me!

All of us probably take breaks often, but it's ok to admit it and your supports will be there when you return....especially the mommy supports, working or not- that know exactly the feeling. (Picture below at my daughters field trip 3 years ago).